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Our portfolio is oriented on the phases your employee will be going through throughout his deployment.

We will make sure that he and his family receive that adequate support at the adequate time. We will support your employee and his family in order to settle in quickly which will also allow him to concentrate on his new position from day one.



1. Orientation
While recruiting your new employee we would like to support you by offering individual orientation tours which will give your employee a first impression of the infrastructure and neighborhood and will also show him the charm of the Rhine metropolis region. Giving him an outlook on our services will show how pleasant and easy a move can be and will therefor increase the chances that the replacement for the new position offered will be successful and sustainable.


2. Essentials
We will take care of all essential processes concerning the move and will support the family so that your employee can fully tend to his job from day one without any worries concerning his spouse and children. No distraction by searching for a new home, no expenses for hotel bills, and no living out of boxes. Especially families with children have additional worries in regard to picking the right school and/or kindergarten. We offer our support with a wide range of experience regarding all questions on schooling, leisure activities, and tips on daily businesses.


3. Settling-In
After a couple of months it will show, if your employee and his family have settled in comfortably or if the urge to go back home has become an issue. We will support your employee with individual arranged activities and an additional 24/7 hotline where we will find solutions to any problems which might occur. This is our contribution to give your employee a feeling of security and most of all of being well taken care of in his new environment in order to secure a long-term work relationship for you both.


4. Discover
One of the advantages of being deployed is being able to experience new cultures, not as a tourist but as a temporary citizen. We will help make it an experience full of amazing and enriching memories by organizing short trips throughout Europe. Another component with which we can make your job offer even more appealing to a potential employee.


5. Return
When your employee's contract expires and he/she and his/her family plan on moving away, we will take over all the required measurements to ensure a smooth and stress free move. This way he will be able to concentrate on his job until the last day without any further distraction.