for expatriates

Our service portfolio is oriented on the five essential phases you will pass through during your deployment.

This way we can ensure that you and your family will receive the adequate support at the right time and a quick familiarization to your new environment will therefore be guaranteed.



1. Orientation
Before you decide to take the big step to move to Düsseldorf in order to take on a new job position and, with that, a new challenge in life, we offer to give you a customized orientation tour to show you the appealing neighborhoods in Düsseldorf and the surrounding areas. We will show you where schools and kindergartens are located at in order to give you a first impression of your potential new hometown.


2. Essentials
Once the decision is made to take that step to settle in Düsseldorf and take on your new work position, we will take care of all your upcoming tasks, starting off with house-hunting, taking care of work permits and registrations of all sorts. Our special focus is on your family: we will make sure that your spouse and children will feel at home a.s.a.p. by assisting them in all matters concerning leisure activities which will help build up a network of new friends.


3. Settling-In
One of the most important aspects of feeling at home anywhere in the world is being part of a community and having a circle of friends as well as taking part in social activities or getting to know the local area along the River Rhine. We look forward to supporting you in all matters throughout your stay in Düsseldorf, including weekend activities, shopping tours or introducing a variety of individual activities especially for moms with their babies/children.


4. Discover
Is this your first time in Germany? Then why don't you take the opportunity and discover various different German and European cities by taking weekend trips with your family. Experience German and European history directly on the spot - we would be pleased to submit an itinerary for such trips to you and organize all continuing steps.


5. Return
No matter if you are on your way back home or if you are deployed to another part of the world. We will take care of your move and organize the closure of your home so that you don’t have to worry about a thing and can enjoy concentrating on the upcoming adventure of your new destination!