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Relocation services mostly concentrate on short-term assistance during moving and in regard to administrative formalities. What happens once you have found your dream house, all boxes unpacked, the car registered, and your children signed up for school or kindergarten?

That’s when the real challenges in connection to your move to a new city in a new country begin. At this point you will see if you and your family are managing to settle in and feel at home. We will not leave you alone at this point and offer you additional assistance.

Lighthouse Relocation pursuits the five essentials phases which expats go through during their deployment. We make sure that you receive the adequate services so that settling in to your new home and environment will happen smoothly.

Our motto is: "Let us guide your way!" – We will accompany you and your family through all phases of moving until you will have truly arrived!

Kerstin Zimmer

Kerstin Zimmer